FISH MISSILE - Performance - Shortboard

FISH MISSILE - Performance - Shortboard

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Watch this video for more information on the Spider MISSILE

MISSILE by Spider Murphy

The Spider-Missile is the result of four years of intensive testing and development both in and out of the water. Delivering a combination of control, speed and fluid maneuverability, this board will take your surfing beyond what you thought possible. The Missile flies - as attested by former WSL competitors Greg Emslie and Heather Clark. This board is poised to transform contemporary surfboard design. From the hardened pro surfer to the weekend warrior, Spider has created a model that can be adapted to suit just about anyone.

Size: 5'0 - 6'6

Outline: Smooth outline and curve

Tail: Swallowtail

Concave: Light single concave into deep double concave into wing and V

Wave Height: Knee height to as big as you can paddle into

Fins Included: Scarfini 


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