BIG WAVE SURFING ft Fabian Campagnolo & his Spider Murphy Missile 10’

: @twincalebphoto     “Spider called me while I was in Portugal last year and asked if I would like to ride a board he had been working on, the "Missile". It has deep concaves that cut deep along the rails from the nose all the way down to the tail, my take is that these extreme concaves reduce drag and allow the board to swing & knife sharp turns on critical drops. I've only had a hand full of sessions on this sled & I absolutely f* * *ing love it. Thank you Spider Murphy."     - Fabian Campagnolo @fabian_campagnolo                      Read more about Fabian as featured in the Magic Seaweed...

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How Spider Murphy Shaped Two Boards That Changed the Surfing World - Shaun Tomson and The Pink Banana and Martin Potter and The Saint

By Craig Jarvis In November 1974, Spider Murphy shaped a board for Shaun Tomson that changed the game at Pipeline forever, and helped Shaun go on to win his World Title in 1977. Fast-forward a few years, and in 1981, Spider did it again with a 5’5” twinnie he shaped for a young prodigy named Martin Potter, who unleashed unbridled ferocity on the board before going on to win his own World Title in 1989. FULL ARTICLE ON - Spider Murphy   

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