Sam is a shaper of a different kind. He is both the shaper and the pro surfer, currently surfing on the WSL world longboard circuit. Sam recently graduated with a bachelor of commerce degree at Varsity College in Durban and is busy upskilling with various short courses online. Sam shaped his first board in 2015 with help of friends Jago England and Damien Stander in their shaping bay. In 2018 he started designing his own boards and models with the help of Safari crew. 


Mentored by Spider Murphy, he specializes in shaping longboards and retro boards with a purpose of creating that ultimate board for individuals. "The end goal is to create boards that give maximum surf stoke but require minimum effort from the surfer. I just want people to have fun on my boards"  



"When I first started riding Spider boards, Spider insisted that I watched him shape and he would call me into the shaping bay whenever he was shaping one of my boards. He would have the blank in front of him on the shaping trestles, he would explain his ideas and next move and then ask me for input, even though I had far inferior knowledge compared to him. It all pretty much snowballed from there. It's been an amazing journey so far and I'm extremely thankful for the time & effort that the team at Safari put in."

When you visit Safari, you might bump into him shaping in the adjacent shaping bay to Spider."

To order your custom board, contact him on:
Call: 082 305 0843
Instagram: @sam_christianson