Female Shaper Durban Custom Surfboard


Christy is one of the first female shapers in Durban. She is both a shaper and a South African surfer working her way onto the WSL World Longboard Circuit. 

Christy shaped her first board with her brother, Bradd Gilmour, in a temporary shaping bay that they made inside their garage at home. In June 2020, after spending many hours and days in the Safari shaping bay with Baron Stander, she fell in love with shaping and the art of shaping and shaped her first board.

She started designing her own boards and models with the help of Baron and the Safari crew. Not only is Christy wanting many people to ride her boards but being a female shaper, she is hoping to get female surfers supporting her and riding her boards. “The end goal is to make my customers happy with the boards they are riding and to get them in the water and find that stoke when surfing.” 


shaper surfer south africa durban female

Christy who is also a qualified lifeguard, is currently in her second year studying Sports Management and Development at Varsity College in Durban. She not only shapes and surfs but has also started up her own surf school called CC’s Surf School as she is wanting to spread the stoke of surfing.


custom shaped surfboard durban

“When I first started going to the Safari shaping bay with Baron, I would walk around and watch and take in every little detail when he was shaping a board. I would be in the shaping bay for hours, learning and taking everything in. On about the fourth day of me going into the Safari shaping bay, Baron would let me get involved and would let me use some of his tools just to clean the boards. After a few more days of watching, he let me attempt the rails, this for me was the hardest and most daunting part as they were so easy to mess up.” After building up her knowledge, she then started shaping her own boards in the shaping bay next to Spider, who would always be willing to guide and assist her when she needed.

“I have loved every moment in the shaping bay and I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort that Baron as well as the Safari crew have put in to help me and to make my vision a reality, Thank you. I am excited for the future with the Safari crew.”

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female surfboard shaper durban south africa
custom shaped surfboard south africa durban
female surfboard shaper durban south africa
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